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Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Today we take a look at the Yosemite National Park in Central California from the famous Tunnel View. This iconic image was taken after a snowstorm in February. The photographer was standing in the parking lot of the Tunnel View Parking Lot (Hwy 41, GPS 37.715629, -119.677064).

"I was patiently waiting for the sun to set, hoping for come color in the clouds and the fog that had developed in the valley floor. Around 5:15 the sky began to turn orange and I was able to take several shots. I chose not to include Bridal Veil falls in the image because the water stream was so slight that the waterfall was nearly invisible (after 7 years of drought it was no wonder).

Some photographers would have used a graduated filter, but personally I have found that the dynamic range of modern DSLR's is sufficient to bring out the entire image.

If you plan to go to Yosemite and shoot the ivew of the Valley from Tunnel View, plan your trip to spend the morning and afternoon in the Valley floor. Tunnel View is much more majestic an hour or so before sunset as the sun is setting behind you and lighting up the scene with wonderful colors.

Arrive early to set up your tripod because often times you'll be sharing the space with several dozen of your closets friends - other photographers. If, on the other hand, you can't make it in the evening, many photographers have gotten quite satisfactory shots from Tunnel View at daybreak"

Shot with a Nikon D610 with Nikon's famous f2.820-70 mm lens (both available at set at 50 mm, at f 8.0, 1/30th of a second, ISO 200, Mirror Up on a sturdy tripod.

-------- About the author:  JS Engelbrecht began his photography career in a High School dark room for the school's Year Book. Later he entered the fashion industry and product photography before turning his attention to Nature. "I moved from shooting pictures of beautiful jewelry to shooting pictures of natural beauty."

Now JS Engelbrecht enjoys capturing beautiful scenes during his travels. He is also a gifted teacher and guide for local photographers. Click here to see his fine art gallery.

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