Our Community of Photographers

JS Engelbrecht cut his teeth in the fashion industry before turning his attention to Nature. "I moved from shooting pictures of beautiful jewelry to shooting pictures of natural beauty."

My passion for photography began when I received a very nice 35 mm camera in 1998.  With each new lens, a new perspective of the world evolved. The joy continues, each day, with observing and discovering the natural treasures that surround me.

Larry Lewis combines his deep love for the West with an Architects's eye to create stunning images. He is an award winning photographer, published author and in his own words "A Mountain Man"

Dr. Martin del Campo is a dentist with a heart for missions. He often  travels on behalf of Samaritans Purse and brings back beautiful photos from across the world. Proceeds from his artwork benefits this and other charities. 

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Pauline has a passion for the outdoors and her photography captures it beautifully. She is especially fond of animals and has a stunning collection of equine photographs.