blue lupine backgrounds

Enjoy the beauty of the Blue Lupine, a wild flower native to the Western United States. This stately flower makes a perfect frame for your presentations.

Say it from the heart!

Stone 2
Plaster 5
Plaster 4
Plaster 3
Plaster 2
Plaster 1
Charcoal Painting 8
Charcoal Painting 3
Brown Painting 1
Charcoal Painting 2
Charcoal Painting 1
Brick 2
Brick 1
Brick 1 copy
Blue Painting 3
Blue Painting 2
Blue Painting 1
Yellow Painting 15
Yellow Painting 14
Yellow Painting 13
Yellow Painting 12
Yellow Painting 11
Yellow Painting 10
Yellow Painting 9
Yellow Painting 8
Yellow Painting 7
Yellow Painting 6
Yellow Painting 5
Yellow Painting 4
Yellow Painting 3
Yellow Painting 2
Yellow Painting 1
Wood 1
Stone 4
Stone 3
Plaster 7
Plaster 6
Stone 1
Plaster 8

Express Yourself!

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for this collection of 36+ backgrounds

This is a collection of backgrounds suitable for use in Power Point presentations, social media memes, website art and many other applications.  The download comes in a .zip file.

Here's a link to a widely used zip file extractor. The files extract to .jpg, ready for immediate use.

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