scarlet gilia backgrounds

This graceful wildflower is known as the Scarlet Gilia. Despite it's delicate look, it thrives in warm, dry climates from Northern Mexico through the Western United States into Southern Canada.  It's bright red color will add punch to your presentation!

Blue Painting 5
Blue Painting 2
Blue Painting 3
Blue Painting 1
Yellow Painting 16
Yellow Painting 15
Yellow Painting 14
Yellow Painting 13
Yellow Painting 12
Yellow Painting 11
Yellow Painting 10
Yellow Painting 9
Yellow Painting 8
Yellow Painting 7
Yellow Painting 6
Yellow Painting 5
Yellow Painting 4
Yellow Painting 3
Yellow Painting 2
Yellow Painting 1
Wood 1
Stone 3
Stone 4
Stone 2
Stone 1
Plaster 8
Plaster 6
Plaster 7
Plaster 5
Plaster 4
Plaster 3
Plaster 2
Plaster 1
Charcoal Painting 8
Charcoal Painting 3
Charcoal Painting 2
Brown Painting 1
Charcoal Painting 1
Brick 2
Blue Painting 6
Brick 1
Blue Painting 7

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This is a collection of backgrounds suitable for use in Power Point presentations, social media memes, website art and many other applications.  The download comes in a .zip file and includes both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios to fit a wide variety of needs.

Here's a link to a widely used zip file extractor. The files extract to .jpg, .ppt and .pptx files, ready for immediate use.

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